How long is the shelf life of hand sanitizer as a hand washing cleanser, which is a very beneficial tool for maintaining hand hygiene?

  1. How long is the shelf life of hand sanitizer?
    Hand sanitizer usually also has a shelf life, this can be seen on the bottom of the bottle, the shelf life of hand sanitizer is three years, which is still quite long. It is recommended that if you buy a hand sanitizer best in the effective shelf life, or expired will cause deterioration, can no longer be used.
  2. Hand sanitizer shelf life after opening the bottle
    A month or so.
    The shelf life of hand sanitizer after opening the bottle is usually recommended to finish using it in about a month, because after opening the bottle, bacteria and dust and other pollutants will have the conditions to invade into the hand sanitizer, and when exposed to the air for a long time, bacteria and other pollutants will slowly enter the hand sanitizer, and the sterilization effect of such hand sanitizer will be greatly reduced, so it is recommended that you need to finish using it as soon as possible after opening the bottle.
  3. Can expired hand sanitizer still be used?
    Hand sanitizer is used to wash hands, it can clean the germs on the hands and smell good after washing, so hand sanitizer has become popular in people’s lives. The amount of hand sanitizer each time is not much, so hand sanitizer with a long time, it is easy to expire, expired hand sanitizer in general can be used, if the expiration time is relatively short, only a few days, can also be used, used to wash your hands wash small pieces of clothing quickly used up, if the expiration time is longer then can not be used, because the nutrients in the laundry detergent is changed, there are side effects on the skin.
    It’s also important to note that when you go to a public place to wash your hands, it’s best to see if the hand sanitizer is very new, if it’s full of dust and dirt, the hand sanitizer is probably better left unused. Many public places are fixed in the wall of the hand sanitizer box, hand sanitizer regularly replaced or added, but the box is not changed without washing, a long time, the residual hand sanitizer box wall will breed bacteria, long-term accumulation, resulting in the total number of bacteria exceeds the standard, therefore advocating regular cleaning of hand sanitizer box.
  4. Does hand sanitizer have sterilizing effect?
    Can. Hand sanitizer with the brand name “消” has the effect of disinfection and antimicrobial, and will contain antibacterial ingredients. Removing dirt, sterilization and disinfection is the main purpose of hand washing, and hand sanitizer can only satisfy the role of sterilization, because most hand sanitizer contains alcohol, alcohol can not effectively remove some dirt attached to the small crevices in the skin, such as dust, dirt, blood stains, etc. Therefore, once the hands are stained with such dirt, only using hand sanitizer is not enough. It can be seen that the premise of using hand sanitizer is to remove these dirt first. Therefore, you should use soap to wash your hands in such cases instead of using hand sanitizer alone.
How long is the shelf life of hand sanitizer and how long does it last after opening the bottle?
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