No-rinse hand sanitizer is a quicker and more convenient cleaner for cleaning your hands in many places, so how much alcohol does no-rinse hand sanitizer contain?

  1. How much alcohol is in the hand sanitizer?
    At least 50%. There are many types of hand sanitizer on the market, divided by alcohol concentration can be divided into two kinds, one is low concentration alcohol hand sanitizer, and the other is high concentration hand sanitizer, the alcohol content of low concentration alcohol hand sanitizer is generally between 50%-60%, and the concentration of high concentration alcohol hand sanitizer is between 60%-80%, so the alcohol content of hand sanitizer is not low. At least all of them are above 50%. The reason why no-wash hand sanitizer can sterilize and no need to wash, is the main ingredient is alcohol, alcohol can not only sterilize, but also very easy to evaporate, so no-wash hand sanitizer has become a hand-washing tool. 75% alcohol is the best disinfection, which is also the reason why the alcohol concentration must be high, otherwise it will not work. 75% alcohol disinfection is the best, which is also the reason why the alcohol concentration of hand sanitizer must be high, otherwise it can’t play a role in disinfection and sterilization, let alone washing hands.
  2. Is alcohol-based hand sanitizer good?
    There are pros and cons.
    No-rinse hand sanitizer is a hand sanitizer that has both pros and cons. The advantage is that it is very good for hand disinfection and sterilization, compared to other hand sanitizer will be more thorough, and quick and convenient, no cleaning, for some special working environment is very helpful to people, such as hospitals and other medical places, public places and so on. The disadvantages of no-wash hand sanitizer are also there, that is, because of the high concentration of alcohol in hand sanitizer, it is easy to affect the skin. Our human hand skin has the role of absorption, and long-term use of gel containing high concentration of alcohol applied to the skin, hand skin will be more or less absorbed, thus causing some damage and irritation to the skin, may cause dry skin, allergies and other symptoms, so the treatment of no-rinse hand sanitizer need to be objective and correct view.
  3. Will alcohol-based hand sanitizer burn?
    No-wash hand sanitizer will, but regular water-wash hand sanitizer will not.
    The market ordinary washing hand sanitizer may also be mixed with a small amount of alcohol, this hand sanitizer will not burn, there is no danger, but the market containing alcohol hand sanitizer is basically free hand wash liquid, and free hand wash liquid alcohol concentration is very high, basically in 60% – 80%, and alcohol in 35% concentration has the possibility of being ignited, so let alone free hand wash liquid, it is a flammable product, so in the use of free hand wash liquid to take the right usage.
  4. The correct usage of hand washing liquid ①When using no-rinse hand sanitizer, use it away from sources of fire.②Take an appropriate amount of the no-wash hand sanitizer in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together.③Rub both hands with each other on the back of the hands, seams and sides of the hands.④.Rub until the hand sanitizer has evaporated and do not approach the fire when the hand sanitizer has not evaporated.
How much alcohol is in the hand sanitizer? Is alcohol-based hand sanitizer good?

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