I went to the supermarket to buy a bottle of hand sanitizer in the morning and forgot to take the hand sanitizer out of the car on my way home. Can you check the hand sanitizer?

  1. Is it safe to keep hand sanitizer in the car?
    It is not safe.
    On the one hand, it is because the alcohol contained in the hand sanitizer is flammable and explosive, and on the other hand, it is because the space inside the car is too small, and the internal temperature will rise over time.
  2. Can I check in the hand sanitizer?
    It depends.
    If it contains alcohol, it is generally not recommended to consign, because it belongs to flammable and explosive products, and it is clearly stated in the control of national transportation that it is prohibited to carry flammable and explosive products, which will not only bring inconvenience to oneself, but also affect the health of others in the car.
  3. Precautions for using hand sanitizer
    ①It is recommended that you use a water-based hand sanitizer when you can remove harmful substances such as bacteria from your hands, but it does not decontaminate them, like grease.
    ②It is not advisable to use this hand sanitizer frequently, because when the alcohol concentration in the hand sanitizer reaches 75%, it will have a certain weakening and loosening effect on the skin of the hands, and long-term use will stimulate the skin of the hands.
    ③ If the hands-free hand sanitizer accidentally splashes in the eyes, it is recommended to rinse with water and avoid direct contact with hands.
  4. Which is better: hand sanitizer or alcohol?
    Hand sanitizer.
    Alcohol can only kill a small part of the bacteria, and its sterilizing effect is not as good as professional hand sanitizer.
Is it safe to keep hand sanitizer in the car? Can I check my hand sanitizer?
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