Hand sanitizer is a common cleaning product in life, many homes will have hand sanitizer, what is the role of hand sanitizer on the virus?

  1. Hand sanitizer’s effect on viruses
    Depending on the situation, ordinary hand sanitizer has no sterilizing effect, while professional antiseptic hand sanitizer has sterilizing effect.
    ① General hand sanitizer: cleans and removes stains.
    ②Antiseptic hand sanitizer: antibacterial, antimicrobial or bactericidal active ingredients.
    ③Heavy oil hand sanitizer: industrial oil (such as oil, gasoline, butter, diesel, etc.) and stubborn stains.
    Tips: Different hand sanitizer in the packaging are different, ordinary hand sanitizer is generally “quasi-brand”, disinfectant hand sanitizer is mostly “dissipative”.
  2. How much hand sanitizer to squeeze at once?
    Generally, a penny-sized amount, that is, one drop, is enough to ensure that your hands are washed each time you use it.
    As the hand sanitizer can only kill the contact site of the bacteria, so the finger crevices can not let go, many people are afraid that the hand sanitizer is not clean, so press out a lot of hand sanitizer in the hands, wash when rubbing vigorously, and repeated, frequent use, in fact, such a deep cleaning will damage the skin, so that the skin not only can not retain moisture, but also more likely to let the germs invade.
  3. How to care for hands after using hand sanitizer?
    Apply some hand cream after washing.
    During the dry season, frequent use of hand sanitizer can leave your skin dry and flaky, making it more susceptible to infection and bacterial invasion. You can apply a hand cream with moisturizing properties or choose a hand sanitizer with aloe vera moisturizing ingredients.
  4. How to choose hand sanitizer?
    The alcohol content of the hand washing liquid should be more than 60%, otherwise the sterilization effect is not ideal.
    It is also necessary to see whether the logo is complete, such as the presence of the name and address of the factory, pay particular attention to whether there is a standard number; observe whether the packaging is intact, the packaging bottle on the word printing is clear, the pump head is strong.
What does hand sanitizer do to viruses and how much hand sanitizer to squeeze at once?
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